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Alabaster is a unique material that has been sculpted into

objects of beauty for thousands of years. It is a

favorite material of the ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman

cultures and was frequently used in their decorative arts.


A historic stone that is both translucent and resilient,

it was crafted into the first lighting fixture and royal

containers for perfume, essential oils​, and aromatherapy.

As a crystal, Alabaster has a soothing and translucent

quality that promotes relaxation and well-being.

Alabaster Artisan has access to rare historical 

quarries in Upper Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula, where

the raw materials are diverse in coloration and geological

patterns. These rich resources give our finished

collections a timeless yet contemporary quality.

We invite you to be inspired!





Carole El Gazzar launched her business over 30

years ago while living in Alexandria, Egypt, when she fell in

love with the art and design of ancient Mediterranean cultures.

She has since become a unique resource for designers,

retailers, and known hospitality brands for her

Alabaster votives and lighting collections which

are handcrafted by Egyptian artisans.

The company continues to thrive and now employs

three generations of Carole's family.


Her passion for design in Alabaster and her

commitment to local Egyptian artisans remains to

be the cornerstone of Alabaster Artisan.

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